TSS (Turbine Security System)

Turbine Security System

The TSS Turbine Security System is the reliable solution for camera monitoring of wind turbines. The system is based on our familiar and thrustworthy UFO technology. The TSS includes a control unit installed in the turbine, without any modifications being required. The TSS camera and the siren and flashing light are fitted to the exterior of the turbine, with a small contact switch fitted to the access door. All TSS components are connected using standard cabling.

Insert the plug, connect to the internet and camera monitoring is active.

Undesirable visitors will be detected by the TSS, with the live video stream appearing immediately in the monitoring centre. The powerful siren and the high-visibility flashing light will give any unauthorised persons a clear message that they should leave.

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Round-the-clock camera monitoring of wind turbines


  • Simple installation
  • Reliable technology
  • 24/7 Surveillance
  • Energy-saving
  • Choice of wireless or cable internet
  • Remote control and monitoring
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