UFO (Unit For Observation)

Unit For Observation

For quite a few years now the Unit For Observation (UFO) has been a proven high-end solution for construction site security. The UFO is ideal for temporary security at remote locations lacking any form of energy supply or data connection. The UFO uses advanced technology to monitor the construction site. The combination of fixed and wireless detectors is unique and offers the potential to monitor large, complex sites. The camera provides clear images both in daylight and at night. A sound and speech function gives intruders a clear warning that they must leave the site, without any intervention being required.

The UFO uses an environmentally friendly hybrid energy system, allowing totally independent operation. Solar panels provide the primary energy source and are supported by an efficient wind turbine or a small generator.

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Construction site security with advanced detection and camera monitoring. Environmentally friendly hybrid energy system


UFO, the high end mobile camera system for temporary construction site security. Can be hired for one week upwards, quick delivery.

  • Advanced detection system
  • 24/7 Surveillance
  • Cost efficient
  • Green Technology; environmentally friendly hybrid technology
  • Remote control and monitoring
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