Kooi Alarm Centre

Kooi Alarm Centre

Kooi Alarm Centre is our 24/7 monitoring centre, providing a friendly, personal, client-centred service. We have premises in Drachten in a former Nederlandsche Bank building, handily equipped with bullet-proof glazing, reinforced concrete walls, ram raid prevention, hi-tech camera monitoring and access control; the perfect location for a professional monitoring centre. It goes without saying that we work with the very latest technology and emergency back-up facilities.

All incoming reports from the connected systems are analysed and processed at the Kooi Alarm Centre. An effective combination of personnel and technology guarantees 24/7 surveillance – if required – for your construction site, buildings or technical systems. All connections are actively monitored 24/7.

Where unauthorised persons are detected an immediate and searching analysis is carried out and used as the basis for the appropriate response. Whether it’s the activation of a siren or the summoning of a security service or the police, everything is done painstakingly and in accordance with fixed protocols. Following any incident you will receive a report of our analysis and the actions carried out, supplemented with clear images.

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The 24/7 monitoring centre with personal service


Kooi Alarm Centre: 24/7 monitoring of your construction site, premises or technical system.

  • Direct and personal contact
  • A range of subscription options
  • Clear reporting
  • A high quality secure location
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Procedures in line with protocol
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